calgary candy store

Calgary Candy Store

When your taste buds are crying for some excitement, the Calgary Candy Store Sweet Fusion will not disappoint. They carry the rare candies you will not find anywhere else in the city. Rare brands like Pez, Mike and Ike, Pop Rocks and more. The list of rare candy can go on forever and Sweet Fusion has it all. I remember walking into the Calgary Candy Store and being shocked on the rare brands I have not seen since I was a child over 20 years ago. The Pez was my favorite, with the little candy popping mechanism I drove my parents crazy while enjoying it and craving it again once we were in the store that carried it.

Sweet Fusion  is a candy store to check out with the children or just yourself. Indulge in all the sweet candy not seen in years. The aura of Sweet Fusion store is wonderfully warm with a sweet sense of tongue pleasure.

Here is the address below:

2, 3919 Richmond Road SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3E 4P2


T: +1 (403) 455 – 0918

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